Server Statistics Pegaso

  • Item: 50x Gold: 30x Exp: 30x
  • Login Server: Online
  • Game Server-CH1: Online
  • Game Server-CH2: Online
  • Local Time:
  • UTC Time:
  • Registers: 93532
  • Onlines: 15
  • Onlines Today: 270
  • Empire Population: 86310
  • Empire Red/Shinsoo: 18552
  • Empire Yellow/Chunjo: 12923
  • Empire Blue/Jinno: 54835

Server Maintenance

Zone TimeLocal Time

Turn on: 15min
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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

¿Is the server free?

This server is totally free, however, we will be grateful to receive contributions which are use to keep the server on.

¿What do I have to do to play?

You have to complete the regioster in our page, activate the account and download our game client.

I completed the registration but I do not receive the activation mail, ¿What can I do?

Check your Spam. If you used Hotmail as e-mail to open the account you have to wait between 15 and 20 minutes.
If you did not receive the mail, please go to the link

I am trying to register but I am having a error with the verification code ¿What can I do?

First of all verify if the code you are typing is correct. This code is case-sensitive.

I have a client ¿Can I use it to play this server?

This is not our recomendation because you can not see all the new stuuf we have like, maps, items, mobs, npc's.

¿What is the IP to use hamachi?

This is a real server, we do not use Hamachi, so you do not need a IP.

¿Is the game always online?

The server will be on 24/7, nevertheless we have a 15 minutes reset de 15 minutos just one time a day. (See the page to know the time)

I downloaded the client and give me a error. ¿What can I do?

It is possible that your download had have a error, try to download it again, if you have the same error again contact us.

I was playing and my plyer have been disconnected.¿What can I do?

It is possible your internet connection have been a failure or maybe our server have been experimenting a failure, try to connect again, if the problem persist, go to the chat and ask if this is a server problem.

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