Server Statistics Pegaso

  • Item: 50x Gold: 30x Exp: 30x
  • Login Server: Online
  • Game Server-CH1: Online
  • Game Server-CH2: Online
  • Local Time:
  • UTC Time:
  • Registers: 93619
  • Onlines: 14
  • Onlines Today: 175
  • Empire Population: 86391
  • Empire Red/Shinsoo: 18566
  • Empire Yellow/Chunjo: 12930
  • Empire Blue/Jinno: 54895

Server Maintenance

Zone TimeLocal Time

Turn on: 15min

Welcome to Pegaso

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In our server we have:

Personalize Shops, New Maps, New Mobs, New Misions, New Adventures, New Weapons y Armor, Smith with 90% success, The Grotto of Exile open to all, Item Shop, Stones until +9, Level until 250, Stat Points until 125, Imperial, olimpic or titanic equipment, and more.

Discover what Metin2 Pegaso has for you!

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